Shuswap Camp
Heinz & Gerda Loewenberg
Fred Pichler
West Bay, Lake Nipissing Monetville, ON P0M 2K0
Phone # 705-898-2485 / Fax # 705-898-3322
Toll-Free # 1-800-565-0735

When you and your family are looking for your next vacation destination, Shuswap Camp deserves true consideration. Derived from the native Indian word meaning “shimmering waters”, Shuswap Camp is situated on the shore of Lake Nipissing beautiful West Bay. The deep blue, crystal clear waters will leave you breathless and the hospitality and service you’ll receive will leave you relaxed and truly satisfied. We are a four season vacation.

Title Address Description
Shuswap Camp
349 Shuswap Rd, Monetville, ON P0M 2K0, Canada