Crystal Beach Resort

Jody & Tonya Loew
22 Lakeview Road P.O. Box 878
Atikokan, Ontario  P0T 1C0

Crystal Beach Resort is located in Ontario, Canada. A wilderness lover’s dream resort. The property provides access to Crystal Lake. A lake that is infamous for smallmouth bass, northern pike, and lake trout. Catches of up to 50 lake trout a day is not impossible here for guests. If catching walleye is your goal, it is tangible in the area. Marmion Lake and the Seine River system is a popular fishing destination as well.  This system is  24,000 acres of water that produce the largest smallmouth bass in all of Northwest Ontario. Bass weighing up to seven pounds have been caught here, multiple times.

Fishermen have access to over twenty local lakes which are not far from the resort itself.  Some of the lakes are easily accessible with larger 20 foot boats while others are only accessed by portage boats or canoes.  You can choose to fish for a variety of species including smallmouth bass, lake trout, northern pike and walleye.   Some lakes are larger and more open, but if the weather turns, bays and islands are available for protection in many of the lakes.

Fishing boats are available for rent at Crystal Beach Resort. They are 14 and 16 foot deep and wide aluminum fishing boats that include padded swivel seats, fish stringer, safety kit, paddles, anchor, and a landing net  The boat rentals come with a  trailer (for hauling them to many of the other nearby lakes) and eight to fifteen horse outboard motors with all gas provided in the rental package. These boat packages are ideal for those seeking to explore the vast lakes in the area. For an additional fee, customized towing is offered for those guests who don’t have a tow vehicle but still want to explore other lakes outside our home lake, Crystal.  Walleye fishing is excellent throughout the season.  Smallmouth bass fishing is highly recommended in the springtime and early summer. The bass are in their pre-spawn and spawn patterns, making them easier to catch in the shallow waters in the spring. As summer approaches and spring ends, the male bass will be defending the beds against any threat.  Northern Pike fishing can be good all through the year.  The resort can even assist you in catching lake trout, showing you all of the sought-after spots to catch them.

After your day of fishing, relax in your own lakeside cabin. Cabin accommodations range from two bedrooms to three bedrooms. All cabins are completely furnished including bedding and cooking utensils.   Just bring your own personal bath/beach towel.   Kitchens have refrigerators, toasters, coffee pots, and even microwaves. Take a walk to the screened-in gazebo and watch the sunset over the lake. A perfect way to end your day of fishing adventures at this once and lifetime fishing resort.