Big Bear Camp
Timmins ON  P4N 7C5

Big Bear Camp is the perfect destination to visit, regardless if a person is going to take up fishing or hunting. The beautiful Horwood Lake is the location of this camp, and it is near the Boreal Forest. Travelers can take in the beautiful scenery, full of trees and trails that linger on for miles and miles. There is no shortage of wildlife near the woods of Big Bear Camp. Visitors are bound to see a wolf, moose, and black bear, amongst other animals in the woods. Anglers will find various game fish in Horwood Lake, including walleyes, whitefish, perch, and much more. There is a rocky bottom, along with lush weed beds and sandy shorelines at Horwood Lake. There are various features and amenities available at Big Bear, including a campground, a marina, and cabins – with housekeeping. Everyone will find something to enjoy at this wonderful destination! Those who want to go fishing can find boat rentals, along with live bait. There are also gas and propane to purchase on site. Everyone is encouraged to come to Big Bear and get a slice of paradise!

Horwood Lake is one of the finest lakes in Northern Ontario, and Big Bear Camp can be found north of this attraction. The shoreline stretches approximately 110 miles, and anglers can take advantage of the 13,702 acres that are filled with water. This is one of the main reasons why Horwood Lake is known around the world for extraordinary pickerel, as well as Northern Pike fishing. When fishing, it is not unusual to happen upon perch and whitefish in the inflows, inlets, and creeks. Horwood Lake is a river, but it is also spring fed, offering travelers varying depths, as well as structures, regardless if it consists of sandy points, rock piles, or wooded coves.

Horwood Lake can be accessed by car through Big Bear Camp.The cabins are modern and housekeeping is provided, in addition to other exceptional accommodations. Visitors can take advantage of spectacular fishing at Big Bear Camp as well. Travelers’ needs are met with fish cleaning, live bait, gas, boat rentals, a tackle shop, and much more!

There is plenty of wildlife throughout Northern Ontario, and Big Bear camp has it too. We take pride in the various activities available here, including a semi-guided moose hunt, as well as the fully guided black bear hunt we host in the fall. Take advantage of the black bear season, which begins on August 15th. The active bait station that hunters can use to hunt for black bears has been active months prior to the season. Each stand is well-matched for both guns men and archers; the stands are permanent or portable.

Big Bear Camp