Angler’s Kingdom

Box 742
Red Lake, Ontario
P0V 2M0

Angler’s Kingdom is first and foremost a sports fishing camp. Our guests catching the fish of their dreams is our number one priority. Trophy Pike and Walleye is what we’re all about. Guests will experience one of the highest trophy rates to be found. This is not surprising considering that Nungesser angler3has the perfect blend of ingredients. This dark water lake has approx. 30,000 acres of fish holding structure. Nungesser has over 100 miles of rock and sand shorelines, sand bars, mid lake reefs and humps, deep water access, long shallow bays for forage production and lots of lush cabbage and reed beds. More than 20 rivers and creeks provide excellent spawning areas for Walleye, Giant Pike and the Whitefish, Suckers, Perch, Ciscoes, Shiners and other baitfish they require for phenomenal growth. Nungesser Lake is the headwater of the entire Gull Rock, Keg, Red, and Little Vermillion, Nungesser Lake chain. Nungesser is about 25 miles long.

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Angler's Kingdom
Unnamed Road, Balmertown, ON P0V, Canada